services1Special attention hservices2as been given to Technical Support in its dual function; first assisting customers in the choice of the most suitable machine specification to meet their requirements and secondly, supporting them with the supply of spare parts, overhauling and where possible the up-grading of existing machines. In order to monitor and respond to the specific requirements of their customers and to direct the continuous development of innovative solutions, special divisions have been set up within the company to collect the valuable knowledge and experience gained during many years of activity in the Packaging Industry.




Machine acceptance and trials →

A combined staff of after-sales, production and sales personnel will help you during your stay at our premises to accept machinery which you have purchased. Our quality control laboratory is at your complete disposal to carry out dimensional and destructive tests that your can or lid may require.


Layout supervision \ Installation \ Commissioning \ Training on site →

The after-sales service technicians supervise production line layout, installation, start-up and training. This service is available with purchase of complete machine lines or with purchase of stand-alone machines.


Tele-Assistance \ Troubleshooting →

Our modem machine line are equipped with modem connections and special machine programs. This will allow our electronic staff to enter your machine and fault-find or update your machine program.


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