zv01Dedicated collator to receive products laying inside case. Products can be handled in two different ways: in line or rotated by 90° by means of a rotating plate, positioned before the infeed conveyor belt. Telescopic infeed conveyor belt with asynchronous motor controlled by inverter and brushless motor for correct positioning of products on incrementating conveyor belt.


Incrementating conveyor belt with brushless motor for positioning of the products under the picking head.
The maximum accepted production speed is of 130 products/minute.




zv01 1jpg      zv01 2






zv02Dedicated infeed collator able to receive products from 2 production lines and position them laying inside case. Products could be handled in two different way: in line, or rotated of 90° by means of rotating plates. 


The collator able to handle products in line is composed of:

  • Telescopic entrance conveyors with asynchronous motors and brushless motors for correct positioning of the products on increaser belt conveyors.
  • Increasers telescopic infeed conveyors with asynchronous motors controlled by inverter plus encoder and brushless motors to correctly position the products on stacks re-phaser conveyor belt.
  • Positioner conveyor complete with brushless motor for checking of correct position of products stacks under the top loader piacking heads.
  • For the handling of rotated products, further to various belt conveyors described here above, we foreseen also rotating plates for the 90° rotation of same products.
  • The maximum accepted production speed is of 130 products/minute for each production line. 


zv03Dedicated collator able to receive producs laying, with the possibility to insert the product inside the case both in laying position (horizontal –type B/C) and on its lateral side (vertical type A) 

Composed with:

  • Infeed conveyor product
  • Syncrhro device single (optional double) compartments managed by brushless axis
  • Device to move multi products from synchro
  • Easy and quick size parts change




zv03 1



zv04Collator with selectionable infeed to have the possibility to deviate the laying products on synchro area, to position in standing position that ones with squared bottom, or laying on the conveyor belt in case of deposit inside case in laying position. 


The incoming products can be treated in two different ways: in line or rotated of 90° by rotating plate positioned before entrance conveyor belt. 

  • Mode A : 80-100 products/min
  • Mode B/C: 120 products/min






zv11Feeding system to receive and form product layers
With parallelepiped shape to be inserted in american type carton or display 


Composed with:

  • Plane conveyor
  • Opposite lateral belts with product dosing function
  • Twist for product rotation
  • Pneumatica spacer unit with elevation and return of product out
  • Opposite – spacer unit to check product stability and compactness








zv31Feeding system to receive and form product layers
Having cylindric shape like for example cans


Composed with:

  • Product infeed conveyor with bridge-breaker device
  • Upper stopping group
  • Product loosening group for top loader picking







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