zv02Dedicated infeed collator able to receive products from 2 production lines and position them laying inside case. Products could be handled in two different way: in line, or rotated of 90° by means of rotating plates. 


The collator able to handle products in line is composed of:

  • Telescopic entrance conveyors with asynchronous motors and brushless motors for correct positioning of the products on increaser belt conveyors.
  • Increasers telescopic infeed conveyors with asynchronous motors controlled by inverter plus encoder and brushless motors to correctly position the products on stacks re-phaser conveyor belt.
  • Positioner conveyor complete with brushless motor for checking of correct position of products stacks under the top loader piacking heads.
  • For the handling of rotated products, further to various belt conveyors described here above, we foreseen also rotating plates for the 90° rotation of same products.
  • The maximum accepted production speed is of 130 products/minute for each production line. 



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